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 Todd Akin and the GOP

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PostTodd Akin and the GOP

We all know the comment that Todd Akin made that started the firestorm. I am not going to repeat it. Here's a headline that ought to infuriate people.
Quote :
Todd Akin’s Rape Comment Was Bad, but His Abortion Views Are Much Worse

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Now there's the crux of the matter. We surely know Akin didn't mean what people construed his comment to mean. When i heard it,even in context,i was sure he didn't mean what people were saying. In fact i wasn't sure what Mr Akin could have meant. Had no idea,but i KNEW he wasn't saying rape was ok by any stretch of the imagination. .I also think if Mr Akin had considered the question more cautiously he would never have answered the way he did. Reporters shoot off questions in interviews and sometimes the respondent doesn't take the time to think through the answer.
It set off a chain reaction which is about how news cycles go. Then Mr Akin apologized and asked forgiveness. Done? Nope.Should have been.
The libs whined and the GOP threw him under the bus.
Know what the libs were really whining about? It was his position on abortion not his terribly worded(possibly misguided)comment.For the sake of this argument i am going to say it's not the issue. [We may agree or disagree with what i think about his comment]Forget the comment for a moment and consider that he apologized.
Forget the comment and focus on the GOP reaction. Ask yourself. What did Mr Akin actually DO?
Now look at the Democratic party and some of the stellar moments over there.
Bill Clinton was accused of an alleged rape. We know with certainty that he used the power of his office and position to sexually harass various women. We even know he perjured himself saying he didn't have relations with Monica Lewinsky.
Then there's Ted Kennedy and his infamous ride with the young intern that left her dead. The Dems stood up for Ted for years. When his own nephew was involved in what was possibly rape they STILL stood up for him. They stood up for Ted through ALL of his escapades. It may not be right to bring up a man who has passed but it is right to point out the Dems defense of him under any and all circumstances.
How bout Charles Rangel,Tim Gheitner or even Pres Obama's cocaine use and association w/ domestic terrorist Wm Ayers.
What happened to these people? They all won. All were elected and in Gheitner's case appointed.
What does the GOP do with our candidates? At the first sign of trouble they send out their circular firing squad.
The Democrats get caught red handed and the Dems circle the wagons.
The GOP is not giving Mr Akin a dime to defeat Mcaskill.They pulled the rug from under his feet.Now it's up to the ppl to take up the slack. Forget these spineless wonders and support Todd Akin. We have to draw a line in the sand sometime.
That headline says it all. It was never about an outrageous comment. It was about his position on abortion from the beginning.

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Todd Akin and the GOP :: Comments

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Todd Akin and the GOP

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