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 Some Basics

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PostSubject: Some Basics   Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:33 pm

if you have a question or run into a problem post here. Will see to it your issue gets resolved asap.Now for some basics if you've never used a forum before.
To use the emoticons just click the one{s} you want.
Avatar;go into your profile via your highlighted username. or the icon at the bottom of the message. There is a gallery.you might like some of those or upload your own.
You can add your own signature. check mark the use signature box when you post.
You can add images here. You'll see two buttons on the navigation menu here. One permits you to host your own image-copy and past the 2nd line into this box.
You can also post you tubes. Just grab the embed code,copy and paste it in this message area. If it doesn't work let me know and i'll check the code for you. It should.
If you use the other image button in the menu you will have to upload your image on a 3rd party(i recommend tiny pic)and use their url.
Another option is the attachment option. you can also attach docs if there is a document you want to share.
You can add a description when you post a topic if you want to. It might give ppl an idea of what your post is about. Your call. Use it if you like.You can also colorize your topic. Just an option.
You can create a poll. Click the plus buttons and you'll see the option.
The Chat at the bottom of our board. Log in from the board itself.It seems to work better that way rather than logging in from the board. If you have problems one way log in the other way.One is bound to work.
The board is divided up into various categories. Put your post in the one you think your topic matches the most closely with.
Be sure to introduce yourself in the General Category and you can add your twitter account;if you want to be followed.Tell us a little bit about yourself. Examples:.How you found Carl,if you're a conservative, your state if you're comfy with that and your personal views. You do not have to include PRIVATE info. As with any format on the internet be cautious in what info you give out> We don't need to know anymore here than your username.If you get ANY emails req information,money, addresses or a phone no. NOTIFY the ADMiN immediately and do NOT respond!
Let's put it this way; we are not here to SOLICIT information.
Finally you can share your own post or someone else's. Look for the SHARE text at the top of the message and click.there you'll see a list of various social networks. Be sure to check out our Portal. (tab in menu)
Think that covers just about everything but if i missed something and you have a question...shoot.

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Some Basics
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