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Did we forget who Bill Clinton is?
He was found guilty of perjury. He used the power of his office to get sexual favors from women. In simple terms that's sexual harassment. There was even an allegation of rape. He destroyed the women who accused him. We were subjected night after night to details of his sexual escapades in-of all places-the Oval office. It took years to elevate the office of President after Clinton left. Nobody in the media called him out on the lies in his speech. They needed bibs to catch the drool after the slobber fest over him.

He delivered all these awesome...
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We all know the comment that Todd Akin made that started the firestorm. I am not going to repeat it. Here's a headline that ought to infuriate people.
Quote :
Todd Akin’s Rape Comment Was Bad, but His Abortion Views Are Much Worse

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Now there's the crux of the matter. We surely know Akin didn't mean what people construed his comment to mean. When i heard it,even in context,i was sure he didn't mean what...
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